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Our modular container enables us to deliver a safe, clean and affordable solution no matter where you are located. From exploration & production to remote power generation, we serve a wide range of industries all with different fuel needs.

Argon • Helium • Hydrogen • Methane • Natural Gas • Neon • Nitrogen


Strategically located compression and decompression sites, the fastest filling and decanting process, and the largest container capacity, allow us to offer the most efficient variable operating cost in the market transporting Natural Gas from one pipe to another.


With the leading trailer volume and operating pressure in the market, Pentagon Energy’s solution provides the most flexible option for Enhanced Oil Recovery operation. Our services enable clients to commercialize recovered and renewable gas.


The high volume cylinders provided by Pentagon Energy make it the best fuel alternative for rail and ship operators. The flexible cylinder configuration makes the container transportation on rail and ship easy to end consumers.


Our modular approach allows us to quickly scale and supply a wide range of generation sites regardless of season, size, or location. It is the perfect way to fulfill your back up power generation needs. Additionally, the capacity of our container makes Pentagon Energy’s solution the perfect choice to respond to emergencies or natural disasters.


Our cylinder’s characteristics enable us to solve on-site storage needs for power generation and satisfy your future expansion requirements.

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