Pentagon CNG for Powerplant Peaking

November 19, 2015  by Rich Piellisch

Marcellus Shale Gas as a Peak Shave Source,
Firm Is Developing 4,500-psi Tube Trailers Too

Florida-based Pentagon Energy is developing a virtual pipeline system for supplying compressed natural gas to powerplant customers who face wintertime high prices or curtailment of supply despite their position on established pipelines.

It’s effectively a peak-shave system using CNG, says Pentagon principal Alberto Chiesara.

An initial customer, announced last month “is one of the largest participants in the global gas markets and will be a strong foundation customer for our first CNG Mother Station in the U.S.,” Alberto Chiesara said in a release.

A Large ANGI Compression Facility

Pentagon is working with ANGI Energy Systems, he told HHP Insight today, on a 2.5 billion cubic foot-per-month compression facility in Susquehanna County, Pa. The facility is in permitting now, with construction to take place this coming summer and deliveries to customers next winter.

“It will be the nation’s largest gas compressing station,” states a report cited on the Pentagon Energy website.

“It’s basically 60% sold out and very likely will be 100% sold out by the end of the year,” he says – at which point Pentagon will start work on a second CNG production site.

4,500-psi Tube Trailer Tanks

“My ‘secret sauce,’” he says, “is that I’m going to be manufacturing my own tanks and I’m going to be compressing to 4,500 psi.” To that end Pentagon’s Composite Advanced Technologies affiliate in Houston is developing 42-inch-deiameter Type IV all-composite cylinders.

The company expects to apply for DoT approval of the new tube trailers by year-end.

Pentagon Energy acquired Morgan Stanley’s Wentworth Gas CNG export business in April.