Virtual Pipelines Just Got Bigger

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Pentagon Energy Will Deploy The Most Efficient Compress Natural Gas (CNG) Transportation System In The Market For Its GAS PIPELESS SOLUTION™ Business

MIAMI, FL – Pentagon Energy, LLC (Pentagon Energy) refers to virtual pipelines as their GAS PIPELESS SOLUTION™, an economic and safe alternative to pipeline infrastructure or where physical pipelines are not built due to economic, political, or geographic constraints.

For the last several winters, pipelines across the Northeast have failed to deliver adequate capacity to meet the demand during those very cold days of increased heating demand. This scenario creates great price volatility and reliability concerns and increased emissions from other fuel alternatives. Natural gas has shown an exponential growth in consumption across the United States and pipelines in the Northeast have not been deployed at the same rate. According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), in 2016, 42% of the operating electricity capacity was from natural gas-fired generators and 34% of the total electricity generation was provided with natural gas and this tendency continues.

The 53-foot type IV trailer, CT-590™ model, manufactured by Composite Advanced Technologies CNG, LLC, will have the capability of transporting up to 593,000 standard cubic feet of CNG, and other gases such as Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Neon, and Argon. As an illustration for power generation, the CNG volume transported per trailer allows us to generate approximately 2.5 MW around the clock. With this new product, constant gas flow is achieved in US Department of Transportation (USDOT) certified container-enclosed carbon fiber cylinders by road following industry-specific logistic protocols.

A higher operating pressure and a larger composite tank diameter will allow Pentagon Energy to maximize CNG delivered, and still meet federal road regulations. “Our GAS PIPELESS SOLUTION™ now has the lowest variable cost for CNG delivery in the market, directly translating into increased savings for our customers and our goal is to deploy this technology worldwide,” a company spokesperson said.

The USDOT certification standards guarantee the product’s operational safety. The product’s modular design allows flexible solutions to fulfill an array of operational demands from exploration & production to remote power generation.

Pentagon Energy expects to rapidly capture existing market share introducing this new generation technology for CNG supply by delivering a safe, clean and affordable solution no matter the location.

Pentagon Energy holds exclusive commercialization rights of this technology globally.

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