Composite Advanced Technologies, CNG, LLC (the company) announced it has received United States Department of Transportation (DOT) certification to manufacture the world’s largest volume cylinder for compressed natural gas (CNG) and other gases, enabling the company to assemble the most efficient and cost effective bulk transport system on the market, “A lot of work and energy has gone into receiving this certification and I am very proud of our team for making it happen,” stated Gustavo Mancera, the company’s CEO from the manufacturing plant in Houston, Texas.

Type IV cylinders are regulated by the US DOT, and manufacturing plants must follow a rigid protocol of high level prototype testing to ensure that the cylinders are safe for transport on the US Highway System regardless of weather conditions, roll-overs, and if subject to fire.  The US DOT testing requirements for Type IV cylinder certification is considered the most comprehensive and demanding in the world. It requires independent process auditors to be present during a plethora of tests that include pressure, fire resistance, cycle, and burst tests among others. “We started with a premise that we could build a CNG  transport system with the highest capacity on the market while still complying with federal road weight limits,” said Mancera. “Now, three years later, we have a dynamic and efficient product we can introduce to the market.”

The company’s engineers and management have developed and tested a module that features eight carbon fiber cylinders mounted on an integrated system with state of the art pneumatic valve technology. The cylinders feature the largest diameter in the market at 47 inches, as well as a higher operating pressure at 4,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). Until now, the standard had been 3,600 psi. The larger diameter and operating pressure allows the company to produce a system that can carry a maximum payload up to 593,000 standard cubic feet (SCF) of CNG. Overall, the weight to payload relationship provides efficiency making the system economically viable for all parties involved.

The size and capacity of the cylinders allows the company to transport natural gas, where natural gas exists without a pipeline for distribution, by truck to areas that have seasonal natural gas shortages. It also allows the company to assist power plants and large businesses to convert to natural gas from fuels less environmentally friendly. The US Energy Information Administration estimates that there are 2,355 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of technically recoverable resources of natural gas in the United States. Natural gas has always been considered the cleanest and most environmental friendly of all fossil fuels. “The breakthrough of our system opens the door for natural gas to expand its presence in the energy market,” continued Mancera.

Composite Advanced Technologies CNG, LLC is a Texas limited liability company that operates its manufacturing plant at 7441 E. Orem Drive, in Houston, Texas. Composite is wholly owned by Global CNG Holdings LLC (Global), a Delaware limited liability company with offices at 1600 Ponce de Leon Boulevard in Coral Gables, Florida.

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